Tips on how to experience more from a penny pincher

I am the biggest bargain hunter you will ever meet. I will not spend more than $20 on a piece of clothing, buying $300 Coach bags is ridiculous to me, basically I would rather save for a trip than buy anything for myself. Memories over material things I always say. With that being said, of course I will watch my spending when i’m traveling, here are a few web pages and tips every budget traveler should know.


Before I travel, I always make an itinerary of must see places and things to do in that state. Here are the pages I use to help look for low cost/free adventures.

  • Pinterest– If you search the state you are going to visit on here you will find posts from people that have traveled there before, telling you the many places you should check out.
  • Groupon– Before I went on my trip to Orlando, Florida, I went on Groupon and changed the location to Orlando, and there I found the groupon for Airboating thru the Everglades for $14, there was also diving with Manatees for $20, but sadly we didn’t have enough time cause I was sick the first day. I suggest using this website also for food, that way you can save on food and spend more on adventures!
  • Instagram– I follow a bunch of travel pages on the gram and they post a lot of nature sites you should see like waterfalls, hot springs, beaches, etc. All places to experience for free.
  • Travel Blogs– Check through travel blogs for must see places too. Check ones that have what you like, like mine is about low-cost traveling while other people have luxury travel blogs. Choose the one that has your interests.

Money Saving Tips

  • Pack Meals/Snacks– If you are road tripping to your destination or once you land from your flight, stop at a Walmart and buy water and food. You don’t know how much money I’ve wasted on road trips having to stop at every gas station for food and drinks, I would spend around $15-20 at every stop. Plus I would spend a lot on eating at local restaurants. If it ain’t traditional local food, then a packed sandwich should suffice.
  • Sleep on the Road– I personally would rather sleep in my car or take turns driving so we could sleep thru the night then spend hundreds on hotels. I understand some people have trouble sleeping anywhere that’s not a bed, not me though, I can sleep anywhere, I’ve slept on the couch many times at clubs (got kicked out of Avalon and the Belasco in LA for sleeping lol).
  • Don’t go crazy for souvenirs- Don’t waste your money on souvenirs that people will end up selling in their garage sale! You want to take something to remember the trip? Choose wisely. Don’t buy a shirt or cap that says “Georgia” because you will never wear it! I don’t buy myself anything because pictures I take their are enough. I do buy my mom a snow globe for every state I visit, I will soon give her all 50 globes! My husband collects pins from every state. I suggest you choose one thing, you don’t want to end up with a million cups, shirts, and sweaters from different states.

Hope this has helped a little to help you save money while on the road. I will do another post soon, I haven’t traveled in a couple months so once I refresh my memory I will share more.

2 thoughts on “Tips on how to experience more from a penny pincher

  1. I really love the idea of sticking to one item when going to on trips! I tend to take videos and photos to later be able to show others the places I’ve been too. This blog is awesome Kenia! I’ve been following you since maybe EDC ’15 perhaps lol Can’t wait to see what else you have instore. I’ve been wanting to go to Arkansas with my girlfriend to look , sounds silly I’ve always wanted to go digging to gems, crystals, and stuff like that and they happen to have diamond park I want to go to. I wonder if it’s by that cool rock edge you took a picture by. Can’t wait to start traveling some more.

    1. Glad you love the post! Even if it isn’t close by you should definitely make the drive to Whitaker Point, it is worth it!

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