The Ultimate San Diego Guide by a Local

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As a born and raised San Diegoian (we should make this a thing) I think I’m qualified to show you the best places you should go in this San Diego Guide, from off beat locations to entertainment, don’t worry I gotchu!

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Corvette Diner-

Now the line to this restaurant is always super long but its worth the wait! It will bring out your inner child with cool arcade games and balloon animals for everyone. This restaurant also has a 50’s theme with the pretty pencil skirts, roller blades, and Bazooka bubble gum. They even have a glow in the dark room where you can eat! The food is also delicious with milkshakes to die for!!!

Adobe Falls-

This off the beat waterfall is super difficult to find, I ended up not even making it to the falls the first time I went. It is a super neat water fall with graffiti everywhere! Most people may not like it but us San Diegoians love the artsy stuff. To get there park on Mill Peak Rd. and make your way down, don’t try and go through the apartment complex, there is no parking and the residents get angry when people try to trespass to get to the falls. Like, “LET US LIVE OUR BEST LIFE!”

FYI it smells weird cause the spots were the water doesn’t run thru. Oh yeah! Almost forgot, people are not allowed to go to the falls, so you are going to have to trespass. Good Luck!

Belmont Park-

So much fun! This is a mini amusement park you don’t have to pay to get in! It is located right on the beach in front of Mission Bay. There are a ton of cool food spots, bars, rides, and they even have arcades. My favorite ride is the famous Big Dipper, It was my first ever roller coaster I went on as a child. Great for people of all ages!

Secret Beach (Cave)-

Now I have spoken about this cave many times, it is my favorite place in San Diego. You have to trespass to get to this spot, but if you don’t feel like breaking the law, there are cute tide pools to check out there too. Check out my post on how to get to this secret beach

Torrey Pines-

This is my #1 hiking spot in San Diego. It is breathtakingly beautiful and well, breath taking, with a hiking trails that go on forever. You can either hike on top of the cliffs for some pretty incredible views or hike down to the beach and run with exquisite cliffs on one side and the crystal blue beach on the other. 10/10 would recommend this hike!

Potato Chip Rock-

This is a well known hiking spot with an amazing surprise at the end, a rock shaped like a potato chip! It is super cool being up there, and actually really big, I expected something small/thin and dangerous. Now I ain’t going to sugar coat it, this hike is intense! All uphill, no shade, and rocks everywhere. If you go on the summer, check yourself into an institution cause you are nuts! When I went it was early October and boy was it a hot day, in my pee brain I didn’t think to put on sunscreen and I got soooo dark! I went years ago (hence the bad quality photo and filter) and i’m still peeling off the color.

Swing over all of San Diego-

This cool place comes and go’s, people move and replace the swing all the time so good luck on seeing it if you go. The swings are literally across the street from UCSD. It is truly unique, you can see all of La Jolla below, without hanging off a steep cliff or anything. So if you are afraid of heights no worries! The swing looks like a regular swing, to get a shot like the one above (sorry for the bad quality, I went a long time ago) all you have to do is swing and have the person taking the picture angle it upwards *queue Nice for What by Drake. GOTTAH HIT THEM ANGLES, WITH YOUR PHONE OUT, SNAPPIN LIKE YOU FABO!

This is it for now! There are many more places I want to add but I don’t want to make this post too long. Please subscribe because I will be posting Part 2 very soon filled with abandoned trains, more food spots, and maybe a haunted story thrown in there for you guys! Please comment below if you know of a cool spot that I need to add on here.