The Best Travel Products You Must Have Under $30!

The Best Travel Products you MUST have Under $30!

Traveling is not easy, between the planning, organizing, the neck pain from a 12 hr flight, then sitting next to a thick fellow who is invading your personal space, to getting pick-potted at the train station, it ain’t easy… I’ve made a list of some of the best travel products to help you miss some of those road bumps you may encounter while traveling.

  1. Water shoes $27

If you are like me and freak out when your feet touch the bottom of the ocean or lake floor then this is the product for you! I was swimming in a river in Mexico last year and I literally freaked out when we would reach a shallow end and my foot would touch slimy rocks and who knows what else!

2. Secret Wallet Scarf $14 (men see #8)

Pick pocketing is a widespread “petty” crime that has happened to mostly every single person I know that has gone overseas. Don’t let this happen to you, be prepared! This clever contraption is fashionable and you can store your wallet and passport in the secret compartment. Stay safe travelers!

3. Multiple Charger Port $17

Quit fighting over the phone charger on long road trips and buy one of these bad boys! Now, I always check the reviews before buying any products and this one works great! It doesn’t overheat your phone and it doesn’t take forever to charge. This is a road trip MUST!!!

4. Phone Camera Lens $35

Don’t have $700 to spend on a fancy DSLR camera? Same. This amazing device lets to you take high quality photos from your phone! Best part is it is compatible with any phone and a great price (I know its over $30, sorry it’s just too good). I used this exact one for my trip to Yosemite and I loved the pictures it took!! Perfect for those Instagram selfies ladies (;

5. Neck Pillow $30

Invest in a great neck pillow, your neck will thank you later!! Trust me, my husband was on an 8 hour flight to Hawaii and after the flight back his neck hasn’t been the same. He failed to buy a neck pillow when I warned him before leaving, men…

6. RFID Passport Holder $8

Besides this being so cute! (there’s other colors fellas) It is RFID protected so it will stop thieves from stealing your personal information! This is the perfect gift for your fellow traveler.

7. Go-go Gadget Watch $12

This product is just so handy for outdoor adventures. It has a knife, fire starter, compass, and whistle. You have a definite chance of surviving anything that comes your way with this gizmo. Expect maybe a bear.

 8. Neck Travel Wallet $20

Don’t think I forgot about you guys! Just like the scarf, this product is perfect for men/women to store their important information without getting pick pocketed. Just tuck this neck wallet into your shirt and there is now way those bottom feeders will steal your things.

 9. Portable Hammock $27

One of my favorite products! It is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Imagine yourself laying down next to a crystal blue lake just relaxing on you hammock listening to the birds and reading a great book. Heaven right? This hammock is my fave because it is super compact and easy to set up!

10. Waterproof Phone Carrier $14

This product is a must if you are trying to get some underwater shots or whitewater rafting and afraid of your phone getting wet. I have this one and it works really good, no water seeps through at all, and its clear so I’m able to take good photos.

11. Water Filter Bottle $28

Ran out of water on your 5 mile hiking trip? Easy. This portable water filter has an integrated filter straw that will help you turn yucky water to nice, refreshingly clean water. Need I say more?

12. Waterproof Backpack

This product is a necessity when doing any adventures in or near the water. This pack came in handy when I was hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, no way were my stuff going to get wet while hiking in 5 feet of water! Plus look at how small it gets if you need extra room in your suitcase.

Hope these nifty travel products come in handy when you are on your adventures. Check out the rest of my travel products through here. Please comment below if you recommend any products that can help me out too. Happy Travels!