6 Budget Friendly Things you MUST do in New Orleans

New Orleans is my favorite weekend getaway in the United States. It is a city filled with rich history, delicious food, and jazz music flowing through the city streets. My husband and I went for our yearly couple trip last year and we had the time of our lives. Here are a few of our favorite things to do while in The Big Easy.

Eat at Cafe Du Monde

This place happens to make my favorite dessert in the history of TIME, Beignets! You cannot go to New Orleans and not try these babies. They’re a warm, soft, sugary delight that you will become addicted to after one bite. But don’t take my word for it, stop by the famous Cafe Du Monde to try a beignet for yourself. P.S. they are really cheap!





Boogie on Bourbon Street

This was the number one thing on my bucket list, and I finally crossed it off (two times). First time I went to New Orleans, we stopped at Bourbon Street and had hand grenade, it was only like $6 and boy was it strong. The second time I went, my husband and I stopped at a pub and got some HALF ASS Beers. Price was moderate but we kept the cool cups as a souvenir. After a few beers, my husband and I went to dance at a bar to some funk music. “Play that funky music white boyyyyy”


Stroll through the French Quarter

Go to the French Quarter if you are looking to relax and wander. There you will find jazz music playing on the street, artists painting away, unique buildings, and you could get some good shopping done. Don’t ride the horse carriages though, poor horses look so sad.

Don’t be Dumbo try some Gumbo (and Jambalaya)

Wow look at me trying to rhyme. Anyways, the best part about going to a new place is trying their traditional foods right!? My husband is big on trying different foods, so we searched and searched and found this little quaint restaurant on the French Quarter. It was cute and old fashioned and I live for that stuff, so we decided to eat there. We both wanted to try the traditional New Orleans food so we decided to order Gumbo and Jambalaya and try each others food.

Now I’m going to be honest, after watching The Princess and the Frog, I had high expectations for gumbo, boy was I let down. It’s probably because I hate seafood when its hot. I thought gumbo was a soup with like sausage and tomato, never did I think it was a seafood soup. I loved the Jambalaya though! It was soooo yummy. I recommend you to try both foods, we all have different tastes and to be honest, I love trying things out for myself, especially must have traditional foods.

Have some Bourbon Heat

I really recommend the restaurant Bourbon Heat, it has a beautiful outdoor setting, music, dancing, a bar, and delicious food. I bought a group-on for this place for $20 for $30 worth of food, saved a few bucks. We ate here right before leaving to the airport and we were so happy we decided to make the stop. My husband and I decided to try some more New Orleans food, so we ordered some Creole food and some alligator sausage. Both were just amazing, we licked the plate clean!! My husband even order some more alligator sausage to sneak onto the plane. If you are ever in the area, this is the place to eat.

Hope this inspires you to go visit the amazing, the fantastic, The Big Easy.